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Ani Chöying Drolma is an exceptional singer, admired by fans in Nepal and throughout the world. People are moved to tears by the plaintive purity of her voice. Ani generates revenue to support her activities through her musical endeavors. All of the money raised through Ani's performances and CD sales go directly to the Nuns Welfare Foundation of Nepal.

Mangal Vani

Ani Chöying Drolma
Released: 2011

New album "Mangal Vani" was launched on May 06th, 2011 at Gardens of Dreams, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Track List
1. The Law of Dharma
2. May it spread across nation
3. This is the law of Dharma
4. Prayers-penance, fasting & vows
5. As much as our generosity
6. The end of the dark night
7. Strively ardently, oh man

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Inner Peace 2

Ani Chöying Drolma
Released: 2010

Inner Peace 2 is the second part to her popular album Inner Peace.
It contains four haunting, spiritually charged chants.

Track List
1. Invocation to the Lotus-Born Master
2. Seven-Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche
3. Feast Song by Jigme Lingpa
4. Supplication to Chokgyur Lingpa

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Ani Chöying Drolma
Released: 2009

Matakalaa is Ani Choying Dolma's first Newari language album. All songs are penned by veteran lyricist Durga Lal Shrestha and the music is composed by Nhyoo Bajracharya.

Track List
1. Matakala
2. Hayeka, Simaha Tijaka Shishira
3. Onemate Nha, Onemate Nha
4. Bhagawan, Byu Jita Darshan Byu
5. Wa Waichwangu Du
6. Aie Manuwa Chha Chayeki Nhaian
7. Suthaye Suthaya Gabalye Ji Pihawaye
8. Yayemate Swaigu Naga Tuga

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Ani Chöying Drolma
Released: 2009

Aama (mother) is Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Ani Choying's album dedicated to all mothers. This album was produced to raise funds for Ama ko Ghar (Old Age Home). All songs are in Nepalese. All songs are written by Uttam Sanjel and the music is composed by Nhyoo Bajracharya.

Track List
1. Aama Aama Bhanera
2. Aama Bhanda
3. Mamataki
4. Aama Bhannu
5. Aama Timi
6. Gawune Bhaye

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Ani Chöying Drolma
Released: 2008

Ani Choying Drolma is a Tibetan Buddhist Nun, who founded the Nuns Welfare foundation of Nepal. This was founded to empower the role of women in Tibetan and Nepalese Society. Proceeds from Ani CD’s and concerts go to the Nuns Welfare Foundation of Nepal.

Track List
1. Ganesh Strota
2. Huchha Malai Bihan
3. Samaya Nadima
4. Bhujnai Sakina
5. Jiunata
6. Hiunka Chuchura
7. Salala
8. Manaina Ho
9. Ghari Ghari
10. Bhagwan Timrai
11. Om Tare Tuttare

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Inner Peace

Ani Chöying Drolma
Released: 2006

Composed of four extended mantras designed to amplify peace of mind.

Track List
1. Namo Ratna Traya Ya
2. Om Amarani Jevan Teye Soha
3. Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha
4. Om Mani Padme Hung

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Ani Chöying Drolma
Released: 2005

Ani Choying Dolma is an exceptional singer, admired by fans in Nepal and throughout the world. People are moved to tears by the plaintive purity of her voice, and the haunting melodies of her ancient songs and hymes, passed from master to pupil for many centuries.

Track List
1. Batuwa
2. Phool Kina Phoolchha
3. Chulbule
4. Aajako Bihaani
5. Nirmal Mero Mann
6. Kina Khojnu Yahaan
7. Haina Hai Aansu
8. Jannu Bhaneko
9. Muskaan
10. Baira Bhaava (phoolko aankhamaa-new version)

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Ani Chöying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts
Released: 2004

A contemplative, deeply moving collaboration between Tibetan Buddhist
nun and monastic abbot Chöying Drolma and guitarist/soundscape artist
Steve Tibbets. Tibbetts multi-tracks the vocal, adding ghostly percussion in
the form of hand drums, gongs, and shimmering symbols. His guitars, all
edges rounded, float inside the space between her voice and the rhythm,
coming closer, then backing away to give her vocal room for its transcendent
chorus before the dynamic changes.

Track List
1. Padmakara
2. Palden Rangjung
3. Vakritunda
4. Kyamdro Semkye
5. Gayatri
6. Song of Realization
7. Yumchen Tukar
8. Mandala Offering
9. Chenrezi
10. Chendren
11. Je Lama

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Moments of Bliss

Ani Chöying Drolma
Released: 2004

Ani Chöying recorded Moments Of Bliss with local musicians in Kathmandu.

Track List
1. Batas Chalyo
2. Phoolkho Aaankhama
3. Om Muni Muni
4. Jaya Hos Timro
5. Bhagawain Timro
6. Kheldai Thiye
7. Bhagawan Kahan
8. Tamamaya Pathko
9. Om Tare Tuttare

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Ani Chöying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts
Released: 1997

Innovative guitarist Steve Tibbetts accompanies Tibetan nun Chöying
Drolma on sporadic guitar, synthesizer and percussion on chants for
meditation, spontaneous songs of realization and teremas brought back from
the other world. For much of the disc he lets long silences unwind behind
Drolma's resonant vocals before adding a thoughtful chord of his own or
feeding back to her a processed sample of her own voice-a often, you can't tell
which is which because Tibbets' contributions tilt toward the abstract.
Overall the match between the collaborators strikes a good balance, such as
on "Kyema Mimin," where he surprises by wrapping a multi-tracked chant in
cymbal taps and drums, and on "Shengshik Pema Jungney," which Tibbetts'
acoustic alchemy transports to a Gothic Christian space.

Track List
1. Ngakso
2. Kyema Mimin
3. Kyamdro Semkye
4. Ngami Troma Part 1
5. Ngami Troma Part 2
6. Cho Chendrenmon
7. Kangyi Tengi
8. Ney Ogmin Chöying Podrang
9. Shengshik Pema Jungney
10. Om Pana Phem
11. Leymon Tendrel 1
12. Leymon Tendrel 2
13. Nubchok Dechen
14. Senge Wangchuk
15. Dechen Monlam
16. Tal

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