Support The Ani Foundation

ANI NEEDS YOUR HELP.  No matter how many albums she records or countries she visits to perform, she cannot raise all the money necessary through music alone to keep her activities vibrant and growing.  Her haunting, mesmerizing voice is a tool she wields with pure, unwavering compassion, yet it is only a device to give her audiences something of real value in exchange for their support.  Her voice may deliver a message of hope, love and compassion, but her daily activities, her work, illustrates what happens when that message comes to life.

YOU CAN HELP ANI NOW.  Any amount you give, large or small, goes directly to support Ani's projects.  Whether you buy her music, make a one-time donation, or choose to make a monthly gift – your support will change lives in innumerable, profound ways.


Make a One-time Pledge

Any amount you give is deeply appreciated.  One dollar is not too little; it will buy pencils and paper for one of our young students.  $10 might buy a vaccination; $50 bedding for a year; $500 kidney treatments for those in desperate need.  YOUR ONE-TIME GIFT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


If you are not able to give at the levels listed below, make a pledge here of any amount up to $100:



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$15,000 or more